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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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back to you. every year we take a look at the total costs and all of the fees to determine whether or not they are reasonable. if we estimate that the large increases the pension or other unavoidable costs will continue to keep the fee at the existing rate, or see that the amount of money that the department is bringing in is in excess of needs, we would recommend an adjustment and we can report to you on that in june. supervisor chu: in terms of trying to understand why it is significantly different as well. with regards to expenditures, the department is looking at an increase in salaries with mandatory fringe benefits that are, i would imagine, just a cost for health and pension. can you talk about the salary increases we have seen? let's those are increases for my
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attorneys. my attorneys are in the deep class and i also have counselors not at the top step yet. basically there step increases, is my understanding. supervisor chu: are those general dhr driven decisions? the apartment? >> they are mandatory. supervisor chu: non-personnel services is going up by almost twice. what is with that the $94,000 increase? >> another $100,000 to the attorney as well. the city attorney. besides the information that i gave you about the categories that i enumerated, i believe that the other increase, i
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thought, i thought it was the city attorney. i do not know what else it is. supervisor chu: if you could share with us, off line, the 94,000, i would like to understand what that increase is associated with. >> $24,000 for increased interpreters, $34,000 for digitization of documents, $34,000 for increased outreach. supervisor chu: thank you. >> thank you very much. supervisor chu: did anyone else have a question for the roster? again, this item does not have any associated recommendations, so there are no actions on this item, for say. that relate item -- covers items
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#6 and item number 7. item number eight, is there anything that the budget office would like to add on this item? >> every year the controller takes a look at the contrasting proposals to determine that they are less costly to be provided as required by the charter. we have done so for the enterprise departments, including public parking at the airport, security at the airport, and shuttle bus services. as a pork we analyzed janitorial and security services. we have determined that they are less costly than they would be if performed by civil service. i know that many of these contracts that out programs have been contracted for decades. supervisor chu: so, for the
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items that we have, 5, 6, 7, 8, we bill not be taking public comment today, public comment is scheduled for tomorrow. if i could entertain a motion to continue these items? also just to let people know that we intend to take public comment tomorrow and that the items will be heard again at tomorrows meeting. we have a motion to continue that we will take without objection. thank you, item number nine, please. >> those items will be continued until may 19, tomorrow morning. item #9. hearing to determine relocation of the board of supervisors meetings during the legislative chamber modification and the chamber computer connectivity for board members. supervisor chu: thank you very much. >> thank you.
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february 2, 2011, a hearing was held appropriating 478,000 certificates of participation to fund improvements to the legislative chamber. the committee placed on reserve funds of approximately 151,000 and requested that staff, in addition to the already reviewed rooms, review potential external sites within close proximity. namely, the sites of the board meeting room, the auditorium but the library, the theater memorial building, and the bill graham auditorium building. i have a brief presentation with seven slides depicting an overview of the various potential meeting sites and associated meeting costs. first, i wanted to give you a sense of the time frame for the project. supervisor chu: do you happen to
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have a hard copy? >> i do, it is on its way. i apologize for the delay. the board approved cop's on february 2 and the ada project according to the d td -- pw director, he is very interested in starting the work on august 3 so that the board can return to the chamber on october 18. should there be a veto of the fiscal year the 11-12 budget, the board would meet to consider that be -- veto at a special meeting. on august 9. there is none, the board will be in recess on august 3 from november 2.
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alan, if you could just review these dates? a first for a regular meeting is on september 6, beginning a series of regular meetings at the be caught -- relocated site. so, the following objectives were used to identify the appropriate sites. minimizing the negative impact of the public, fulfilling charter requirement to maintain meetings with in city hall, providing board members the appropriate desk space to fit the system as well as laptops. we wanted to provide adequate space for department heads, and there's staff, and space for the press, while minimizing the associated costs. our review of the details of each of the sites revealed that
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none of these spaces located outside of city hall were the preferred alternative, as none of them that a majority of our key objectives. there are two main reasons each of site facility was precluded from use, which i am happy to review with you, such as space restrictions, not allowing all members of the board to fit on the stage, particularly with franklin. it is available only on two days. we would have improved board meeting starting to 10:00 a.m. in the morning the bill grandma auditorium would be more costly. the purpose theater was just not available during the months of september and october.
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but the most significant concern that we had was the noticing requirement, which pursuant to the charter for off site meetings, they required a posting a 15 day advance notices depicting the items to be considered at the board meeting, which would not allow for timing or four committees to recommend the items to the full board. along in the short of that, essentially, is that our recommendation will be a combination of rooms. room 416, to bunt -- combined with the north fork would meet them logistical needs of the meetings. the estimated cost for temporary relocation could range from about 34,004 four meetings, and again we do not know if we would need that fourth space, if there is a veto of the budget, for six meetings, something that the
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budget analysts reported approximately back in february. the details of all of these sites are located in a memo in your packet. for a bit more detail, the per- meeting cost would be $8,629, shown on the slide. the courts are not available for two of the six meetings. on those days we would utilize room 416. if there is no veto, realistically we would only be paying for three meetings. my request is that the committee released a reserve of approximately $34,000 for potential relocation costs.
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supervisor chiu: these are all obviously on top of existing costs. this is all on top of what we currently spend? >> correct. supervisor chiu: ok. >> i also wanted to give you a briefing on the connectivity in this room. you know that the project is upgrading the fiber on the floor. supervisor chu: you had talked about the offsite, the lack of the availability of space for not being able to fit enough individuals. 555 franklin, the primary reason, even though it is an expensive option is the fact that requires a 15 day notice,
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correct? >> correct. [unintelligible] -- supervisor chu: the only way around that was to declare that it was an emergency meeting? >> of was a mind of that -- reminder that of course in the case of an emergency, the mayor declares the agency and the board concurs. >> the usage of a combination of 416, 400, initially, and to use lightboards when available? >> correct. supervisor chu: i know that the rooms are not ideal because of the lack of space. if we find that we are in a meeting and that it is workable, is that something that we can continue to do, as opposed to incurring $8,000 costs at the light board?
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>> we have heard that as long as we give a six day cancellation lead, we would not be charged for canceling. supervisor kim: i was not sure -- and how advance these decisions needed to be made, when do we have to make beyond decision location about that space? >> the first and third tuesday are just held on the calendar. actually, i think that they may not do -- but they are not going to know their scheduled until july. is there some flexibility? >> we do have some flexibility in terms of time, but the overwhelming issue will be the 15th day notice.
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for example, if we were to have a meeting on september 6, we could not have had those items followed up on for at least 15 days. so, the overwhelming concern is going to be that if we move to offsite, the problem is going to be business essentially stopping. supervisor chu: that is part of the reason why i think that if the decision to not have to be made at this point in time, if we wind up finding out that these are workable solutions for us, perhaps we will as a group beside the bed is the right thing to do. having those be the trial run meetings will give us an opportunity to see whether that could work for us. if it does, we could save the city more money. thank you.
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>> thank you, supervisor. members of the committee. to follow up with my request, it is that we release approximately 35,000 from reserve, paid for potentially for the fourth in the event of a veto. supervisor chu: did you want to speak a bit about the electrical connection? >> briefly. on fed be reset and the consideration for the fibers from the chamber to the server was not contemplated. we understand that they have on their agenda for tomorrow financial assistance to pay for approximately $25,000 to help us to increase our 11-year-old switches with some fiber.
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it is possible that they would fund the entire 29,000, but we will not know until tomorrow. going a long way to assist with compatibility and the overall city hall and city connectivity issues that we are working on, also with the upgrade right here in the chamber, it would assist by allowing all members of the board to go on to their web sites in this room without getting kicked out of their e- mails, able to access files and graphics. supervisor chu: does that include the presentation? >> that includes the presentation. supervisor chu: the request today is to release for $34,000.500 $15. what's the use of reserves is not on the agenda. -- >> the use of reserves is not
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on the agenda. supervisor chu: perhaps we can draft a letter to release the reserves and identified that at a later time. the consensus of this committee is that we will try and that if that is not a workable solution, perhaps the right course will be the alternative. please, keep us updated on the meeting. thank you. let's open this item for public comment. are there any members of the public that wish to speak on this item? by the number nine? seeing no one, public comment is closed. if we could file this item without objection? mr. clerk, are there any other items? >> that completes the agenda. supervisor chu: thank you, we are adjourned.
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the next bus our arrival information is also transmitted to bus shelters around the city equipped with the next bus sign. riders are updated strictly about arrival times. to make this information available, muni has tested push to talk buttons at trial shelters. rider when pushes the button, the text is displayed -- when a rider pushes the button. >> the success of these tests led to the expansion of the program to all stations on the light rail and is part of the new shelter contract, push to talk will be installed. check out the new technology making your right easier every day
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